Any Business Owner Should Understand The Local NYC Transport System

Whether starting a business or operating one, any New York City business owner should understand the local regional transport network. New York City is a large place that includes several islands. Bridges and tunnels connect the varied parts of the region. Each part of the area is also connected to other parts via a system of subways and buses. Connections extend all the way from the tip of Long Island into parts of New Jersey and Connecticut. Any business owner should understand these transport networks. This will help them understand how goods are delivered to their business. It will also help the business owner understand the specific challenges their employees may face as they head into work. It’s crucial to know how people get around the area. Keep in mind that New York has five boroughs: Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. There are also major rail services, buses and subways that connect to Manhattan from other states.


The Local Subway System


Many New Yorkers rely on the subway system to get around. Subway lines extend from the very tip of The Bronx to the ends of Rockaway Beach in Queens. Many business owners find it useful to rely on subways to transport goods. This is an ideal way to help avoid traffic. For a small fee, the user can have access to the entire subway system. There is no extra charge during peak times. There’s also no zoning. Fares are the same no matter how far the person is traveling. People are allowed to bring bulky items on the subway cars including bikes. Any local business owner should have a subway map on hand at all time. This can come in handy when deciding if they want to send someone somewhere quickly with a small package.


Bridges and Tunnels


Another part of the connection between places in New York are the city’s bridges and tunnels. Many parts of New York are surrounded by water on all sides. Manhattan and Staten Island are literal islands. Manhattan is connected to several other boroughs via bridges including the Brooklyn Bridge and the Williamsburg Bridge. It’s also connected to New Jersey via the George Washington Bridge. Several tunnels connect Manhattan with Brooklyn and New Jersey. The Lincoln and Holland tunnels bring travelers into Manhattan from New Jersey. The Battery Park tunnel bridges Manhattan and Brooklyn. Any business owner should keep in that traffic leading to these tunnels can be backed up for several miles. This can result in delays of goods for a business owner. A business owner should make sure all their suppliers are aware of the potential for backups as they use such tunnels to get around here.


Other Transport Methods


There are many other transport methods in the area. Understanding varied options can help business owners save money. Staten Island has a subway system that connects to the Staten Island ferry. The Staten Island ferry can carry cars. It brings travelers from the tip of the island to the southern tip of Manhattan. This can serve as an alternative method of transport for companies who wish to avoid paying the tolls for the bride and tunnel that goes from Staten Island through Brooklyn into Manhattan. A business owner should be aware of the varied kinds of transport options that exist. It also helps to pay close attention to traffic reports. A small accident can cause traffic problems for miles. The intelligent business owner should be in touch with any suppliers. They can help them find a much quicker way to get around and avoid long stays in traffic.

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